We are members of the two power exchanges (PXIL and IEX) in India.
  Trading credentials
With deep understanding gained through years of experience in transaction of carbon credits in the international market, we have forayed into exchange based trading for environmental commodities. Our people were involved in structuring deals and facilitating some of the largest carbon credit deals which originated from India.
REC trading

Our trading desk has been facilitating buy and sell of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for a large number of medium and large enterprises.

We count amongst our trading clients some of the most reputed corporate groups in India.

We have a large pool of obligated entities (who as buyers) and a large pool of renewable energy generators (who as sellers) trade in RECs on the exchange platforms.

We have been providing REC trading services since its inception.

EScerts trading

Our trading desk has geared up for both buy side and sell side EScert trading services.

With introduction of this service, designated consumers can avail end to end service from us for compliance as well as market mechanism..

We are registering buyers and sellers as our clients in exchange – so that they can avail maximum trading sessions to fulfil their EScert related needs.

Trading Strategy Advisory
We advise clients on strategies for monetizing RECs and EScerts (planned). This involves providing market insight to clients, outlining pros and cons of alternatives available.


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