Third Party Inspection services

Our specialists witness inspections/tests on raw materials, in-process checks, non-destructive tests, qualification of welders / procedures, final inspections, performance tests, routine & type tests on mechanical / electrical equipment like Generators, Gear Box, Electrical Control Panel Units, Composite FRP Blades and tubular/lattice windmill towers, etc. in case of Wind Energy.

For Solar Power: We inspect Structural Parts, Purlins, Sag Rods, Fabricated materials, Inverters, Storage Batteries, Electronic Control Panels, Storage Batteries etc.

Our work consists of the following:
 Review of Purchase Order, Tech. Specs., General Arrangement Drawings., Datasheet & QAP.
 Review of Insp. Document, QAP, Test Facilities.
 Review of Calibration Certificates, Acceptance Criteria.
 Finalization of Inspection schedule, Witness/Whole/Review points.
 Review of internal Quality control (QC) document addressing Material Of the Component (MOC).
 Witnessing of Routine/Acceptance/Type Test.
  Witnessing Functional & Safety Logic Tests.
 Review of Type Test Certificates, Calibration Certificate.
 Issue of Stage Inspection report/Non conformity Report (NCR).
 Issue of Inspection report /Certificate & Release Note.


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