REC and RPO Advisory
The Electricity Act and National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) of India provide a roadmap for increasing the renewable energy in total electricity generation. Renewable Purchase Obligation(RPO) and the ability to meet the obligation through renewable energy based electricity directly or through Renewable energy Certificate(REC) mechanism are the key mechanisms in the renewable energy roadmap.
Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)
Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) is the obligation mandated by Central/State Electricity Regulatory Commission and is applicable to Distribution Licensee: DISCOMs; Open Access Consumer: those procuring power from power exchanges (IEX/PXIL), traders, bilateral agreements etc.; Captive consumer: Generating and consuming power from captive coal/natural gas power plants, primarily industrial users - cement, steel, chemical etc. Regulatory Commission in each State mandates a certain percentage of electricity generated/obtained through the above processes to be from renewable sources.
Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)
Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a tradable certificate of proof that 1 MWh of electricity from renewable source has been injected (or deemed to be injected) into the electricity grid. The RE generators injecting power to the grid are eligible to generate.
Registration, accreditation, issuance
Registration, accreditation, issuance is the set of steps needed to be followed by electricity generator to register and accredit renewable sources based electricity projects. Issuance is the process step to be pursued by registered and accredited project for obtaining REC from the renewable energy based electricity injected or deemed to be injected to the grid.
  We provide end to end solutions to help RE generators and RE Purchase obligated entities leverage the REC Mechanism.
Our services encompass
For Renewable Energy generators (RE Generators)
  Facilitating accreditation with state agencies
  Facilitating registration with central agency
 Facilitating issuance of RECs
  Facilitating trading of EScerts in the power exchanges
For RPO obligated entities
 Facilitating power distribution companies, large open access consumers and captive consumers fulfill their RPO compliance.
 Helping obligated entities build their own renewable energy assets, acquire old assets, tie-up with renewable energy IPPs.
 Through our trading desk, facilitating purchase of RECs through the power exchanges.


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