Policy, regulatory and legal advisory
 Market entry strategy – RE Projects
 Resource assessment & potential estimation and demand/supply analysis
 Evaluation of country/ state business environment, policies, regulations and practices.
 Identification of opportunities and barriers / constraint and roadmap.
 Market potential, competition analysis and future scenarios projection
  Commercial / financial analysis and generic revenue assessment
  Devising scaling up or exit strategy
 Developing short term / long term goals – road map
 Case representation & Petition filing
 Detail case study
 Analysis of associated regulations, policies & literature.
 Advising on case arguments and way forward.
 Petition drafting, filling and representation at various state, regional or central forums / regulatory commissions / bodies.
 Involving expert panel (legal-technical-commercial) on the cases on need basis.
 Facilitation of formation of association and representation of cases with government / nodal bodies.


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