PAT Advisory Services

This service is designed to assist Indian Designated Consumers under Perform, Achieve and Trade Mechanism (PAT) plan, design, deploy, manage and assess their energy action plan so as to be able obtain predictable energy efficiency performance.

The team delivering the service comprise energy professionals with experience in servicing multiple industrial sectors. As PAT is a regulation with market linkage, the team is assisted by our financial experts and experts in evolving energy and climate regulations.

Typically the services are delivered as a long term assignment covering all PAT life cycle stages with engagement lasting till the fulfilment of all regulatory obligations by the Designated Consumers in the target year. The mode of delivery of this service consists of a mix of off-site and on-site service components.

 The RSM Advantage
There are great benefits in having RSM GC as your service provider. Please see below some of the key advantages of having RSM GC as your consultant:
  RSM GC ‘s experts have full PAT cycle knowledge – through roles as consultant, as energy auditor, as accredited energy auditor, as PAT M&V auditor, as BEE’s Check Verifier
  RSM GC’s energy team has experience of assisting PAT clients in diverse industries.
RSM GC’s has deep knowledge of PAT rules. This coupled with technical,commercial, regulatory and market insights gained through domestic and international experience will help you in identifying and addressing issues of potential concern.
  The Auditor outlook with which RSM GC will deliver the above services - will help you test robustness of your PAT actions before you fully commit


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