PAT Advisory (Rapid Diagnostic Service)

Perform, Achieve and Trade(PAT) is a flagship program under National Mission For Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Designated consumers are obligated to meet a notified target energy efficiency under PAT. PAT-cycle 2 and PAT-cycle 3 are now operational.

This is a rapid diagnostic service for Designated Consumers, who are in advanced stage of deployment of their PAT action plan.

Independent review by experienced energy auditors and their insights gained through years of experience help designated consumers calibrate their actions (energy interventions, mandated procedural steps, traceability of actions) for de-risking PAT performance.

 Perform Achieve and Trade– Energy Review & Preparedness Assessment
  Service Overview
PAT Review and Assessment ofFocus on findingDeliverables
Last 3 years’ energy data
(records and regulatory submissions)+ Baseline Audit Report
 Disaggregation requirements
 Supporting sources
Report with
1. Gaps
2. Risks
3. Recommended actions
Last 3 years’ production data
(records and regulatory submissions)
 Inclusion or exclusion requirements
 Cross check and correlate amongst submissions
Notified baseline and target
 Unexplained deviations
  Needs for seeking/ providing clarification (from/to BEE)
Baseline data verification records
 Actions for resolving
Presentation and Explanation
All findings and explanation of recommended actions will be provided to DC’s plant management by Experienced PAT auditor
Energy Action Plan for PAT compliance
 Adequacy of identified technical measures
 Additional areas for exploration
Monitoring and Verification readiness
 Improvements in procedures required (if any)
 Improvements in infrastructure required (if any)
 Adequacy of calculation methods
Pending compliance steps
 Backlog of actions (if any) contributing to compliance risks
 Adequacy of preparedness for balance requirements
  Engagement Details
Nature of work
On-site (with limited offsite desk review)
Duration (at site)
2 days at site
Duration from start to finish
5 days
Led by
Senior energy auditor with vast PAT services experience: consultancy, audit and check verification
As is done in financial audit (RSM: apart from Energy Services specializes in tax and audit)

 Perform Achieve and Trade– Benifits of the service
Opportunity for plant management to gain early knowledge of potential risks (from auditor view point) – which will help the DC in timely intervention to reduce potential non-compliance risk and associated liabilities
Opportunity to firm up preparation to leverage opportunities arising out of PAT linked market mechanism
Regulatory and audit knowledge available through the service will help in meticulous planning
Opportunity for DC to learn from others’ PAT experience


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