PAT Advisory Services [Full Service]

Perform, Achieve and Trade(PAT) is a flagship program under National Mission For Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Designated consumers are obligated to meet a notified target energy efficiency under PAT. PAT-cycle 2 and PAT-cycle 3 are now operational.

This is a rapid diagnostic service for Designated Consumers, who are in advanced stage of deployment of their PAT action plan.

Independent review by experienced energy auditors and their insights gained through years of experience help designated consumers calibrate their actions (energy interventions, mandated procedural steps, traceability of actions) for de-risking PAT performance.

Our services encompass
  Evaluation of appropriateness of baseline
  Drawing up action plan for meeting compliance requirements
  Reviewing status of progress, identifying gaps, formulating action plan for predictable PAT performance
  Development of cost effective energy efficiency measures that are adequate to achieve SEC target and wherever possible exceed target to generate EScerts
 Ongoing analysis of energy performance and its relation to capacity utilization, production parameters and external market/economic factors
  Preparing documentation required for reporting and compliance
  Assistance in preparing for end of cycle audit
  Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly review and progress check
 On-demand advice on issues concerning PAT


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