Energy Management System (EnMS) design, deployment advisory (ISO50001 compliant)

Our team of ISO50001 trained and certified professionals work with the client leadership team to design, deploy and assess energy management system for continually managing energy performance.

Most often the client requirement centres around designing and deploying a ISO50001 compliant energy management system capable of securing third party certification from accredited auditors.

We also review performance of corporate group mandated management system and advise on incorporating energy aspects for robust management of energy functions.

We work with the top management and operational leadership team to assist in conceptualizing, designing and deploying a EnMS which is robust and covers all important aspects right from planning to energy performance delivery.

Our services encompass
Formulating energy policy, finding gaps in already deployed energy management system, identifying gaps and charting ISO50001 roadmap, conducting energy review, setting baseline, setting objectives and targets.
Designing and Documenting:
Designing energy management organization structure, EnMS procedures. Identifying energy performance indicators (EnPIs), templates for recording and analyzing energy performance. Preparing EnMS manual.
Training and awareness creation:
Conducting training sessions and workshops for creating organization wide awareness about the requirements of standards (ISO50001), corporate EnMS requirements and Energy Management System.
Providing implementation assistance, troubleshooting EnMS design problems which hamper deployment..
Internal Audit:
Preparing audit plan, training internal audit team, reviewing outcome of internal audit.
Third party audit response:
Corrective action planning, assisting auditee respond to auditor queries.


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